Ends on February 20, 2019

2019  South Carolina Arts Awards Luncheon Art Sale Guidelines and Conditions


  1. Works should be of high artistic quality.
  2. Works should have a broad appeal.
  3. Works must be original.
  4. Works must be framed with appropriate hanging devices (in the case of wall-hung pieces).
  5. Works should be representative of the artist’s style.

Size Restrictions

  1. 2-D work must not exceed 24” height and 36” width (inclusive of frame) to conform to the size of the freestanding wall system. We may be able to accommodate works that are larger.
  2. 3-D work should be freestanding or should be able to fit on a pedestal that is 24” x 24.” We may be able to accommodate works that are larger.


  1. Artworks included in the Awards Luncheon Art Sale should not exceed $500.00  to encourage and accommodate impulse purchases during a one-hour sale.
  2.   Conditions of Sale   The South Carolina Arts Foundation will handle the sale with a 75/25 split (artist/SCAF) of the artist’s stated price. Payment to the artist will be made within 2 - 3 weeks after the event.  


Artists with Gallery Representation

The SCAF Art Sale Committee encourages artists who have gallery representation to notify the gallery of their participation in this sale.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Boismenu, South Carolina Arts Commission visual arts assistant, by phone 803.734-0014 or e-mail nboismenu@arts.sc.gov.