Always refer to the SC Arts Commission's website for information about each grant or program before applying. 

ABC Project is actively seeking content for multiple online teaching and learning platforms. In preparation, please review the brochure in the public Google folder, Call for Arts and Arts Integration Content. Additionally, consider exploring One Stop Workshop, SCETV's, and SCDE's Instruction Hub to develop an idea of each platform and the opportunities for each. 

All ideas and approved content will be selected through a review panel process. 

Before submission - download and complete the appropriate fillable pdf form from the Call for Arts and Arts Integration Content  Google folder. There are two forms, one for Professional Learning and one for Instructional Content. A unique form must be completed for each idea submission.

When you are ready to submit, answer the two questions below. You will be guided the appropriate page to upload your completed submission form. You may submit as many idea forms as you like but each idea requires a unique completed form. 

Please note the selection and approval process outlined on the last page of the brochure.  Idea submissions are reviewed on a periodic basis. Regardless of the decision, you will receive notice of the review panel's decision and feedback from the Arts Grow SC Virtual Teaching & Learning Project Manager. 

Thank you for your consideration to contribute your professional expertise to Arts Grow SC and the future of arts in education for all SC students.

SC Arts Commission